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My focus is to work towards equipping believers in the Personal-Communication ministries, and to work in the area of domestic violence in the church.

I am a supporter of the ministry team of Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry .


I do not support the Charismatic Word of Faith Movement.  Read my reasons here.


We are realising that there is a growing hunger in Christians to be empowered in the Holy Spirit.  To assist, I am available to assist on how to be filled with the Spirit and start using the gifts of the Spirit.  Email me if you are interested.


I am also a supporter of Eagle Ascend Ministries,  Auckland.


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Getting a copy of the DHT Training Manual

Information for Domestic Violence Victims

Information about having a Domestic Violence workshop in Your church

Domestic Violence Resource Pack Articles


Email me for a free copy of my Ebooks. .

Is your church a Religious Temple or a Fellowship Centre?

Why Do You Go To Church?

How Do We Know Jesus Is Alive Today?

A New Look At The Baptism in the Spirit, Tongues and Prophecy

Divine Healing, Then and Now

Receiving the Gift of Tongues

Breaking Free From Principalities, Powers, and Demons

Are You a Victim of Spiritual Abuse?


These Ebooks are also available on Amazon Kindle for a very reasonable price.




I have a version of Curry Blake’s DHT manual.  Note: This is not the manual used in his DHT training, which is authorized for use only by licensed or ordained JGLM DHTs.  You can visit the website for further information.

The version I have is freely downloadable on other websites and it is included here so that this important teaching can be available to folks in New Zealand.  

I need to add a disclaimer here:  The teaching in the manual is a guide on how to make our request to God for healing, but does not guarantee healing.  God is sovereign and not a vending machine in which we can push a button and get healing on demand.



·        Read the Morrinsville Divine Healing Equipping Conference Report (March 30/31), here


Email me at for further information.



I have just completed my analysis of a cessationist article on Divine Healing by Richard Mayhue, Senior Vice President and Dean and Professor of Theology and Pastoral Ministries.

I have shown that he incorrectly manipulates Scripture to support his doctrine, and that the doctrine that he proposes concerning divine healing is totally unreliable when the points he makes are examined through the very Scriptures he quotes to support them.

Go Here to read my analysis



Domestic Violence has become an epidemic in our society. The statistics are that one in three women are subjected to violence from their partner.  The church is not immune.  The statistics are that one in four women who belong to a church are mentally and physically abused by their husband/partner;  and the chilling aspect is that many of these wife batterers are not only church members, but hold prominent positions of leadership in their churches!  Click on the link below and read about 20 reasons why a battered woman stays with her partner.


20 Reasons Why She Stays


I have been involved in Christian service and ministry for the last 40 years, and been a school teacher for 19 years.  I have also been involved with Domestic Violence victims on a professional basis for the last five years.  I have seen the effect of Domestic Violence on the perpetrators and victims.  During the last five years I have worked with and interviewed quite a number of church-going victims, and this has led me to do extensive research on the extent of Domestic Violence in the Church.  It has been quite a revelation to me to learn that Domestic Violence is a silent epidemic in our churches, and yet many churches do not do anything to address what has become a serious pastoral issue.


There is a good article called "The Silent Epidemic" to show the extent of domestic violence in churches.  Click Here



I am available to conduct Domestic Violence workshops in your church as part of your pastoral care programme.  If you are interested, please email me. (Christcnurch City, New Zealand only)


Below is a list of the articles that I have included in my Domestic Violence Resource pack for conducting workshops in churches.  Download them and make copies for yourself.


12 Principles of being an anchor

Abuse and the Church’s Responsibility

Acting Right when your spouse acts wrong

All Abuse Hurts

A Plea to Pastors

Are you in an abusive relationship?

A special word to people helpers

Becoming an anchor in the storm

Charmers and con artists

Cobras and Pitbulls

Death Bondage

Depression Test

Developing a Safety Plan

Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde

Emotionally destructive relationships

Fear – deliverance

God loves pit people

Healthy vs destructive relationships

Heart piercing wounds

Helping teens in abusive relationships

Hidden abuse

How big is God?

 How to be happy in an unhappy marriage

How to help an abused wife

How to interact with a destructive person

How to spot a batterer

Hurray for cracked pots

Impact of family violence

In the hands of God

Invisible wounds

Is there any hope for me?

Is your emotional account overdrawn?

Lord, are you still there?

Obstacles to trusting God

Profile of a fool

Profile of an abuser

Profile of a victim


Relationship test

Short sighted vision

Signs and symptoms of child abuse

Signs he’s changed

Submission by design

Symptoms of PTSD fromDV

The difference between true and false repentance

The high price of being too nice

The myth of church always being a safe place

The waitress, man and the rose

Three ways women react to domestic violence

To separate or not

Understanding Biblical authority

Warning signs for teen relationships

Weapons of an abuser

What colour is your elephant?

What does the Bible say about violence?

What does your soul crave?

What is domestic violence?

What would Jesus do?

What your church can do

Where is God?

Why doesn’t she just leave?

Wounds of childhood

Wrong ways men are taught




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